The Transplant Registry Early Career awards support data analysis of the ISHLT Thoracic Transplant Registry by a junior scientist in transplantation, conducted under mentorship of a senior ISHLT member and a member of the steering committee of the ISHLT Registry.


Award Details

The ISHLT issues up to five Transplant Registry Early Career Awards annually. Each award is in the amount of $7,500.



DATE AVAILABLE: October 2018




  1. The applicant or the applicant's research project mentor must be a member of the ISHLT in good standing at the time of application and throughout the period of funding
  2. The applicant must be in a fellowship or have a junior faculty level (Instructor or Assistant Professor equivalent) appointment at the time of application.



  1. The award funds may be expended solely for the purpose of statistical support of the project described in the application.
  2. There may be no duplicate funding for these purposes described in 1) above,
  3. No portion of the award may be used to pay for indirect costs, institutional overhead, or equipment.
  4. In addition to the grant funding, ISHLT will provide up to 10 hours of consulting by the ISHLT Registry biostatistician to provide the final agreed-upon dataset, answer questions about the ISHLT data, and review the results of statistical analyses performed by the award recipient and intended for presentation or publication.
  5. The award recipient may utilize the biostatistician of his/her choice, including the ISHLT Registry biostatistician at UNOS
  6. For those recipients using the ISHLT Registry biostatistician, a contract must be signed between UNOS and the recipient / recipient’s institution specifying the $7,500 award amount, which equals 50 hours of biostatistical support time, and the final agreed-upon statistical analysis plan for this project. This contract must be signed prior to work on the project beginning. The award funds will be paid to UNOS directly by ISHLT. Any additional time required or costs incurred for the project are the responsibility of the award recipient.
  7. For those recipients not using the ISHLT Registry biostatistician, the initial dataset will be provided to the award recipient by the ISHLT Registry biostatistician in accordance with the final agreed-upon dataset specifications. Changes to the dataset specifications after it has been agreed-upon may incur an additional cost. Such costs are to be borne by the award recipient.
  8. Research must begin no earlier than March 1 and must be completed no later than December 31 of the award year.
  9. An ISHLT Registry Associate Medical Director will be assigned to your project to assist you along the completion of the project and preparation/review of the resulting abstract/manuscript prior to submission.
  10. The results of funded research must be submitted in one of the following formats, preferably both, within 24 months of the initial date of funding:
    • as a manuscript to the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation
    • as an abstract for the ISHLT Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions
  11. The results of funded research cannot be previously published or presented elsewhere prior to publication in the Journal of Heart and Lung Transplantation or presentation at the ISHLT Annual Meeting.
  12. Initial drafts of all abstracts and/or manuscripts related to the project must be submitted to Megan Barrett at the ISHLT office no later than September 6, 2018 for review and feedback from the ISHLT Registry biostatistician and the assigned Registry Associate Medical Director.
  13. Final drafts of all abstracts and/or manuscripts related to the project must be submitted to Megan Barrett at the ISHLT office no later than October 5, 2018 for review and approval by the ISHLT Registry biostatistician and the assigned Registry Associate Medical Director.
  14. ISHLT must be acknowledged as a funding source in all manuscripts and presentations derived from the funded research via the following statement, "This work was supported by a research award from the International Society for Heart and Lung Transplantation." Copies of these publications must be submitted to the ISHLT Headquarters office within 1 month of publication/presentation.
  15. The award recipient or his/her research project director are expected to be present at the Awards Presentation at the ISHLT Annual Meeting to receive acknowledgment of the award.



The scientific merit and fundability of all submitted research proposals will be judged by at least 2 members of the ISHLT Grants and Awards Committee. Outside experts may also be consulted. The Committee Chair will select the members to participate in the review process. All judges will independently review each research proposal according to established guidelines. A written report will be completed for each proposal. All reports will be sent to the Committee Chair. The Chair will organize a meeting or conference call to review the proposals and select the proposal(s) for funding. Applicants will not receive written feedback about their proposals, nor will proposals be returned to applicants. Depending upon the scope of applications received, funding may be awarded to a single application, or the funds may be allocated to two or more smaller, independent projects.